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Words of wisdom from (half of) The Original Nerdfighter

This quote just came up on my Facebook feed from A Mighty Girl (great site if you've never checked it out), and it really spoke to my conundrum about reading Ulysses.

My final decision was to listen to Ulysses while reading along so I really absorb the intricacies of the dialogue and truly experience Joyce's writing style firsthand. And I have to say... it was a fantastic decision. I feel like I am getting so much out of reading it this way... I'm not just reading words on a page without having any sort of comprehension so I can just plow through it and move on to the next book. I am starting to really get the speech patterns and personalities of the characters and that is enhancing my reading immensely.

John Green (as always) is so right. In the end, Ulysses is a challenge for me, but it doesn't mean it's not fun. I'm not just reading it for bragging rights, but because James Joyce has something important to say that I will benefit from listening to.

And maybe this way, I'll finish it before Bloomsday!

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