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Update on Ulysses

I am on page 261 of 783. If I knew how to do even basic math, I would tell you what percentage that is (yay for Kindles!) Looking at where I am in the book, I'd say it equates to about 1/3 done. My method seems to be working really well, although I had to banish myself to the bedroom last night because it turns out that it's impossibly difficult to give a shit what Leopold Bloom is doing when Walter White and Jesse Pinkman are cooking blue meth in your living room. I think I'm going to start assigning myself homework each night... to complete 10 pages or so a night. That really seemed to work well with War and Peace (did I mention I read it in 12 days?) This book is now embarrassingly overdue, so I should probably make a trip to the library sometime this weekend to renew it. As you wait on me (sorry), here is a great video of John Green on Mental Floss discussing 47 Charming Facts About Children's Books for your entertainment! Enjoy!

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