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The Bermudez Triangle by Maureen Johnson

On my way back from a work trip, I downloaded The Bermudez Triangle by Maureen Johnson after watching some Vlogbrothers videos where John Green talked about it being banned in schools across the country. Lord knows we can't talk about lesbian teenagers with real feelings and complex relationships without ruining the innocence of readers everywhere.

bermudez triangle.jpg

You guys know I love me some YA lit, but while this story was enjoyable, it was not one of those books I must purchase in hardcover to include in my library. I did love the way Johnson addressed Mel's experience in coming out... where it was less about coming out and more about allowing herself to act on something she had known for years. I also enjoyed the character of Avery; impulsive and curious, she almost destroyed a friendship because she saw her love for Mel as something it was not. The entire story talks to the way very strong friendships morph into something entirely new when teenagers start working towards their futures and making sure their voice is heard in this world. Some of these friendships break, some of these friendships become stronger... we have all experienced both ends of the spectrum. In the end, The Bermudez Triangle is not what they once were, but their relationship will take on a new form. And as most adults now know, whatever happens will be okay.


"Their friendship went so far back, it bordered on the Biblical -- in the beginning, there was Nina and Avery and Mel." So says high school senior Nina Bermudez about herself and her two best friends, nicknamed "The Bermudez Triangle" by a jealous wannabe back on Nina's eleventh birthday. But the threesome faces their first separation when Nina goes away the summer before their senior year. And in ten short weeks, everything changes. Nina returns home bursting with stories about Steve, the quirky yet adorable eco-warrior she fell for hard while away. But when she asks her best friends about their summer romances, an awkward silence follows. Nina soon learns the shocking truth when she sees Mel and Avery...kissing. Their friendship is rocked by what feels like the ultimate challenge. But it's only the beginning of a sometimes painful, sometimes funny, always gripping journey as three girls discover who they are and what they really want.

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