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Looks like we've made it...

...well, at least 1/7th of the way. Is 1/7th a real fraction? I never fully understood fractions. This is really obvious when I'm baking (very rare occurrence) and I make the stupid decision to multiply something by a third instead of just doubling it.

Who are we kidding... it's not like those extra brownies would go to waste!

But I digress...

We are now on the final episode of season one. I repeat: WE ARE NOW ON THE FINAL EPISODE OF SEASON ONE! So what if it took me three years to get here? So what if most of those three years were taken up by my angst over Don Quixote, Moby Dick and Ulysses? So what if during that time, I was able to gestate and raise a child to toddler-hood? The point is... I made it (if by "it", I mean "only a small portion of my ultimate goal")!In episode 21 titled "Love, Daisies and Troubadours":

  • We don't know if it was Luke or the ghost of Luke fixing their porch. All we know is that Lorelai had to use more concealer that day.

  • Rory discovered that Lorelai didn't throw away the Dean box. And was thankful that Colonel Clucker wasn't sitting underneath a pile of used diapers and empty syringes (what is going on in Stars Hollow these days anyway, huh???)

  • Rory ended her first year at Chilton just as she started it... as the hatred-target of Paris and The Mean Girls. It's the circle of life... and it rules us allllllllll...

  • Rachel made (uneaten) tuna. ::whistles and walks away::

  • The Girl Scout scares the crap out of Dean's sister and then Rory has a meltdown at the town meeting

  • Dorsal fins and kucamunga

  • There is a Town Troubadour Fight to the Death. And spoiler alert: the hippie guidance counselor from Freaks & Geeks does not win the gig.

  • Rachel always says "goodbye". Because Luke hasn't seen her face yet, but Rachel has.

  • Luke came to pick up Bert and he and Max got into a good ole-fashioned pissing match.

  • "I love you, you idiot!"

  • "A thousand yellow daisies... and candles... and a horse."


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