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Where BearAllen will go when she dies

Because I'm a genius, I successfully worked my inaugural visit to Strand Bookstore in NYC into an otherwise boring client visit.

And it was everything I ever thought it could be.

It was full of all the books and all the book-related merchandise that I would be happy to spend Lorelai's entire college tuition on.

As silly as it sounds, I found myself tearing up as I stood there and took it all in. I was surrounded by the kind of people that fully understand tearing up in the middle of a bookstore. MY PEOPLE!

In addition to new books, they have used and rare books... and you can even sell your books to them... you know, to fund yet another trip to Strand! And with 18 miles of books, there is something available for everyone.

If you are ever so lucky to be at the corner of 12th and Broadway, sell some plasma and then head on in! (I joke, their prices are really good)

strand colalge.jpg

And yes, I took photos of their Ulysses and Swann's Way displays because I'VE READ THOSE! BOOYA!

And here's my haul (minus the elephant).

The Gambler by Fyodor Dostoevsky (for Husband... because I live by the generous "1 for you, 5 for me" rule)


a totally awesome "Prose Before Hoes" magnet (because my refrigerator needs to say "I'm klassy")

edited booty.jpg

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