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A new day!

114,299 pageviews

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161 Facebook Likes

101 Blogger followers

55 books

21 episodes

3 years


And I wouldn't have it any other way.

This challenge was originally started when I realized how narrowly I was reading, and how many amazing works of literature I had missed out on. Forcing myself to pick up so many of the classics hasn't always been fun (Don Quixote), but more times than not, my life has been enhanced by a book that I previously wouldn't have given a second thought to outside of senior year of high school.

The past three years have made me a better reader. I have come to love reading widely and have challenged myself in so many ways. I have come to prioritize my love for literature and enjoy finding hidden pockets of time in my day to squeeze in just a few more pages. I have found so many fellow readers and built friendships. I have learned to read smarter... to read what is hiding behind the words the authors allow us to see.

The best part of today? I still have 6 more seasons of incredible books left to go!

And what better way to celebrate being 1/7 of my way through this challenge than to reveal a fabulous makeover! On this day 3 years ago, I used my very limited skills to publish a blog that looks like it was the brainchild of an 8 year old. And while it served me well, it's time for a new chapter (hardy har har).

A VERY special thanks to Erin of Human Illustrations. She is responsible for all of the custom graphics on this blog. And not only is her work awesome, but she is an absolute blast to work with. She took my basic original vision and turned it into something better than I ever could've imagined. Besides her adorable website, she can also be stalked on Facebook , Twitter and Instagram. Do it!

So, for those of you who have made it this long with me... I commend thee! And for those who are discovering me for the first time... well, I'm sorry in advance. But thank you! If you like Gilmore girls or reading (or both because you have High Levels of Awesome), you just might enjoy the ride!

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