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Going to Kansas City... Kansas City here I come!

Or really that should be "Went to Kansas City... Kansas City here I came". But that's less catchy.

Two weeks ago, I was forced to break my Midwestern virginity and found myself in Kansas City, Missouri for work. The trip was mostly boring. And then I got stuck in Missouri for an extra day due to the fire at O'Hare... so that didn't improve my mood. But I did get to go here...


The central branch of the Kansas City Public Library routinely shows up on "most interesting buildings" lists. And it's obvious why.

facade 2.jpg

One of the most interesting features of this building is "The Community Bookshelf"... the facade of the parking garage displays the spines of many classic works of literature.

garage 3.jpg
garage 4.jpg
garage 8.jpg
garage 7.jpg
garage 6.jpg
garage 5.jpg

Even the steps leading up to the parking garage nod to the literary world.

book steps.jpg

Formerly the First National Bank, the central branch building still shows it's roots.

bank door.jpg

Most notably, the vault in the basement that now serves as a film viewing room for the library's patrons.

vault door.jpg

But even without these eccentric little touches, this building is just outright gorgeous. It was a joy to visit it. And while I love my local library, I must say that I'm a wee bit jealous.

hallway 3.jpg
hallway 2.jpg
desk lamp.jpg
new section.jpg

And how stinkin' cute is the children's section?!

kids 5.jpg
garage 1.jpg
garage 2.jpg
facade 1.jpg

There's a beautiful rooftop reading area, complete with a life-size chess board. And an incredible view of downtown KC.

rooftop 1.jpg
rooftop view.jpg

And the fact that there's a coffee shop IN the library just sells it as the world's coolest library! It's often that the only reason I feel the need to leave my library is to procure caffeine. This would solve that problem rather nicely. Get on that, CH Booth Library!


Thank you very much for sharing your beautiful library with me, Missouri!

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