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Yellow House Books and book sale fun!

This weekend, I was at a small reunion with my mother-in-law's family at Jiminy Peak. Let's just say that Husband should really start just budgeting book shops into our travel plans. Gas money, tolls, lodging, food... books! That looks right.

While at lunch in a small town in Massachusetts, my mother-in-law suggested I bust out of lunch and check out the adorable book shop I saw down the street. She's an enabler and I love her for it.

Yellow House Books (used and rare books) in Great Barrington, MA.

yellow house sign.jpg
yellow house sign 2.jpg

Damage? $29

Then we hit up the Kent Memorial Library sale on our way back home. Did you know Kevin Bacon and his wife live in Kent? Yeah... I'm now one degree of Kevin Bacon (as long as I convince myself that the books I purchased were previously owned by Kev and Kyra. Pretend with me, will you?)

kent library.jpg
kent book sale.jpg

Damage? $24

And some bonus pics of Lorelai making friends with the scarecrow librarians.

L with pumpkinhead.jpg
L pointing to pumpkinhead.jpg

And finally... THE HAUL!

book haul.JPG

2 volumes of Walt Whitman

What did you do this lovely Autumn weekend? Read/buy/write any good books?

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