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Livermore Library needs spell check

I have a friend who recently moved from Oakland to Livermore, California so she's in the process of discovering the area and found something awesome she was kind enough to share with me... the Livermore Public Library!

There's this awesome bike rack...

livermore bike rack.jpg

And this cafe...

Livermore Cafe.jpg

And these amazing stone benches...

Livermore bench 2.jpg
Livermore benches.jpg

But while the mural in the middle of those stone benches is undeniably beautiful,

Livemore mural and benches.jpg

It's inspired some controversy in the town of Livermore.

Here's why:

Livermore Eistein.jpg
Livermore Shakespere.jpg
Livermore Van Gough.jpg

Whomp whomp!

$6,000, another roundtrip flight from Florida and one pissed-off artist later, the Livermore Library's reputation restored!

Thanks for sharing this awesome with me! Now I just need to make plans to visit you so I can see it with my own eyeholes!

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