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Friday Night Dinner

To celebrate the infamous obligation feasts with Richard and Emily, I've decided to begin a weekly feature to talk about the cool shit I saw, the cool shit I did, the cool shit I read, the cool shit I posted over the week.

Annnnnnd... go!

Black, White & Read's Posts>

Morning Coffee at Luke's


Me and my Paul Anka
Biography night at Casa Bear Allen
Don't Forget to Be Awesome mug
Colette at work

Picnic with Colette
Drinking with Colette

Autumn lunch with Colette

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Stuff on Facebook>

Me hanging outside with Colette:

me outside.jpg


Other than that... what's been going on with Bear Allen?

Bear's Week in Reading> Well, I'm really feeling Secrets of the Flesh and think I'll be done with it shortly. It's amazing how often I relate to Colette... although I hope that our parenting skills aren't similar.

I finished Yellow Crocus by Laila Ibrahim and will have a Deep Thoughts from Damp Tresses coming up on it. Lucky you, this review will be in the form of a conversation between me and The Hot Mess from Hot Mess, More or Less. And I've even promised not to use the C-word this time. Progress, people!

Because I finished Yellow Crocus halfway through my hair-drying routine, I began The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt (it's been sitting on Aldeux for awhile and I've started and stopped reading it several times). Let's see if I think the Pulitzer is deserved. I should be the final arbiter, after all!

For Tales from the Toyota, I'm listening to Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay. In my commute, I find myself crying over her love for Sweet Valley High... feeling like my enjoyment of The Help means I should paint a giant Confederate flag on the hood of my Yaris... and feeling guilty for my all-consuming love for Quentin Tarantino. Keep your eyes peeled for a review soon!

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