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Friday Night Dinner | I'm a lazy (or busy) heifer

This week has been pretty much useless, blog-wise. And for that, I apologize. Because no one is willing to pay me to read books and watch Gilmore girls all day, I have a regular job that sends me to places like Tulsa, Oklahoma to schmooze clients.

However, the Tulsa trip wasn't a total bust. In fact, it was totally awesome, because...


Lori and I have been friendly for a little bit over Twitter and Facebook, but because I don't pay attention- I didn't realize she was located in Tulsa. And because I can't make a move in this life without posting about it somewhere, Lori saw that I was in Tulsa! In a completely unprecedented (for me) sign of spotaneity, 45 minutes later we were out of our PJs and at a smokey bar drinking cosmos and dishing about our lives.

Tulsa is officially alright in my book!

Me and Lori.png

Check out Lori on The Broke and the Bookish or her personal blog, An Irreverant Escapade!

Black, White & Read Posts>

None... because I was busy sitting on planes and eating airport food.


Reminds me of Lorelai's sparkle hammer!
Reading Colette in my backyard
Colette on her way to OK!

Cool stuff on Facebook>

library card.jpg


The Bookerie.jpg

"Why is this place only open from 11-5 when there's no way I'll have free time during those hours to check it out? But I guess that's good for my bank account. — at The Bookerie: the Favoring Brave Store."

benefit truck.jpg

"Connecticut's main airport has this. Lorelai would be so proud."

Bear's Week in Reading>

The one benefit to being stuck on a plane is a the uninterrupted reading time. So I finally finished Secrets of the Flesh! Now to return it to my library and pay the fine. I'm incorrigible!

Because I had finished Bad Feminist (review to come), I had to pick another audiobook for my commute. One of the commenters on BookRiot's weekly Inbox/Outbox post talked about Smoke Gets In Your Eyes: And Other Lessons from the Crematory by Caitlyn Doughty and I was instantly sold! Little known fact about Bear: for a good majority of her life, she's wanted to be a mortician. Instead, I ended up in equity compensation. TOTALLY similar.

And after many false starts to my reading of The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt, I think it's finally sticking to my brain. I only wish I had the opportunity to have drinks with Lori (squee! Did I tell you I had drinks with Lori???) before I started The Goldfinch so I could've read The Secret History instead. But she has impeccable taste so The Secret History will be automatically purchased as soon as I finish The Goldfinch.

That's all I have. Because Tulsa. But Husband and I are heading to our cabin in upstate NY for the first time since Lorelai was born... so I hope to get a little more reading in so I have more to report at dinner next Friday night!

So... how was your week?

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