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A completely unrealized and un-attempted dream

Do all readers secretly want to be writers? I don't know about you... but I sure as hell do. I don't have any reason to believe there's a tiny writer living inside of me, but Lord knows my goal in life is to see my name on a beautiful hardcover (or paper-over-board. I'm a sucker for that), deckle-edged book sitting in my local indie's window.

Do I have any ideas for a book? No.

Do I have any writing talent to speak of? Newp.

Do I have the kind of stamina needed for great story and character development? Nyet.

Do I have the ambition to search for an agent or a publisher? Nein.

But here I sit, seething with jealousy every time I see a new author announce the release of their first book. I think it's just that my love of the written word is so all-consuming that I yearn to be involved in all aspects of the literary world. And also, I tend to want things I have no intention of ever actually working towards. Like six-pack abs.

I came up with a book idea recently... and it took about a week and a half for me to realize that it was essentially the plot to Frozen. And I don't even have a kid that insists on watching it 30 times a day (yet). Hell, maybe one day I'll write a story about a rich playboy who obsesses over the love of his life and ends up dead in a pool. Oh wait...

Authors are my celebrities. And I would love someone to revere me like I revere the people who created the works that have changed my life in so many large and small ways.

So, what about you? Are you an avid reader who wishes you write the books you love? This is a No Judgment Zone... but you must know we're losers. But at least we have each other.

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