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Ode to a deckle edge

I swear I'm not drunk. Just in a weird mood. So I apologize in advance. But not really... THIS IS MY BLOG! I DO WHAT I WANT!

Deckle, thou are lovelier than a mere straight edge,

asymmetry that takes my breath away.

Thy crinkly edges are a sight to behold, rough and satisfying.

The sensation as my finger flit over your uneven surface.

Leave me feeling gratified in my very being.

When I view thee sitting upon a shelf, everything in me cries out

and I know that I must possess you with all my soul.

Your feathery planes, harkening back to a simpler time.

Ghosts of readers gone past.

Others may disagree, but you will always set my heart a-flutter.

Take THAT Grecian urn!

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