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A new chapter

Hardy, har, har. I love myself a corny-ass blog post title.

But really.

I'm sure some of you (and by "you", I mean the 3 people who are bored enough to pay any attention to my blog) noticed that I've been a bit remiss in posting new content. I have an explanation, I swear...

I got a new job.

This was my first week so I've been spending my time trying to settle in instead of writing blog posts during my lunch hour as I had previously been doing. I've been spending my time doing all the typical "new girl" things... worrying that I'm over/under dressed, trying to find out where the fuck the bathrooms are, plastering a constant smile on my face in the event that the 3012th person is going to introduce themselves... and generally just trying to avoid making an utter ass out of myself.

But there's something about my new job that might interest my fellow Gilmore girls fans.

I now work for a Connecticut newspaper... for a famous American family that reminds me very much of the Huntzbergers.

So to celebrate this weird worlds-colliding moment, I have a gift for you. I was truly terrified that someone would walk in while I was taking this pic and I would be instantly labeled as "That Weird Selfie Girl That Holds An Empty Cup". However, The Gods of Ridiculous Human Beings were smiling upon me in those moments and no one interrupted this very important piece of journalistic action.

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