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You Deserve a Drink by Mamrie Hart

This bitch, this bitch right here... she's my spirit animal. Mamrie Hart, for those of you living under a rock, is one-third of the YouTube "Holy Trinity" (the other 2/3 are Hannah Hart and Grace Helbig). Mamrie is a brassy, sassy broad who produces pun-riffic videos where she creates a drink for a pop culture figure based on current events. Her modern Vaudevillian humor is just such a throwback to a type of comedy we don't see that often nowadays, and her book definitely captured her spirit.

Mamrie Hart has always been the member of Holy Trinity that I most related to. And her book just solidified that. She told the story of her life, but even the tougher moments were told with a lighthearted humor that made you realize just how strong and special a woman Mamrie is. She is a unique personality that really is of a dying breed and I truly think her showed that.

And now I have so many fantastic recipes to drink my face off to! Thanks Mamrie!

[Mamrie's friends have their own fantastic books as well! Check out: My Drunk Kitchen by Hannah Hart and Grace's Guide: The Art of Pretending To Be a Grown-Up by Grace Helbig]



A riotously funny collection of boozy misadventures from the creator of the YouTube series, You Deserve a Drink Mamrie Hart is a drinking star with a Youtube problem. As host of the bawdy cult-hit, You Deserve a Drink, Hart has been entertaining viewers with her signature concoction of tasty libations and raunchy puns since 2011. Finally, Hart has compiled her best drinking stories and worst hangovers into one hilarious volume. From the spring break where she and her girlfriends avoided tan lines by staying at an all-male gay nudist resort, to the bachelorette party where she accidentally hired a sixty year old meth head to teach the group pole dancing, to the time she lit herself on fire during a Flaming Lips concert, Hart accompanies each story with an original cocktail recipe, ensuring that "You Deserve a Drink" is as useful as it is entertaining.

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