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We'll always have Stars Hollow

I was pleasantly surprised to discover how many people I inspired to finally watch Gilmore girls after bombarding my Facebook friends with photos of my ATX trip (again, sorrynotsorry). And one of those was none other than one of my best friends, Kaliska. I've been yammering to her about Gilmore girls for YEARS... to blank stares and a bored nodding of the head.

So you can't imagine how excited I was when she contacted me saying she wanted to see an old movie at a cute small town theater like The Black, White & Read Bookstore in Stars Hollow.

Luckily... I live about half a mile down the road from one such theater. And like BWR, it serves double-duty (to town government offices and a dance studio.. Miss Patty's?). And it just so happens that they are currently in the middle of their Sunday Cinema Series... showing old black & white movies on the big screen. And at $2 a ticket (it was $1 when I was a kid... freakin' inflation!), it's like you were transported back in time to when going to see a movie didn't mean your child had to give up her dreams of attending Yale!

And guess what movie we got to see?

Yup! We were Casablanca virgins (a little more mature than Pippi virgins) and were so excited to see they were showing this movie as part of their series!

So, Kaliska got to live out her dream of seeing a movie SH-style... and I finally got to see Casablanca and learn what all the fuss was about.

And it was 'aight.

(just kidding, it was great. Please don't send me hate mail!)

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