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Want to play a drinking game?

Do you like ballet?

Do you like Amy Sherman-Palladino's brain?

Do you like liquor?

Then you should check out my latest project! With three friends I made at the Gilmore girls reuinion at the ATX Festival, we have begun...

A Bunheads podcast!

We watch each episode of AS-P's cancelled-too-soon show and take a drink each time there is a Gilmore girls reference or an Amy Sherman-Palladino signature mention.

And as we get drunker, we tend to find the most ridiculous and tenous connections to AS-P's world...

And we talk about drinking a style of fabric...

And we forget how to pronounce very basic and essential words...

...And overall, we revel in the awesomeness that AS-P bestowed upon us in the form of Michelle Simms, Fanny Flowers and the girls of Paradise Dance Academy.

So grab your drink of choice (some of us like to pregame with a delicious shot of Fireball... just a friendly suggestion), turn on Bunheads, and join us in the merriment and debauchery that is...

[from left to right, our drinks during the pilot episode: Megan 1, ME!, Eileen and Megan 2]

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