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Reading Revival!

As the internet exploded last night, you have probably heard about the latest Gilmore girls news. It looks like we'll be getting four 90 minute episodes through Netflix. Amy Sherman-Palladino and Daniel Palladino will be writing and directing the story 8 years after Rory graduated college.

Understandably so, there is a lot of conversation going on in the web-o-sphere about what we think our favorite Stars Hollow residents are up to now. But as you know me, I'm interested in something a little different...

WHAT IS RORY CURRENTLY READING? Here are a few recently published (over the past few years) books that I would highly recommend to a 30-something Miss Lorelai Leigh Gilmore.

My absolute favorite book of 2014, Rory would dig the dark undertones and family secrets that are rampant in this book.

The honest and heartbreaking things this book says about relationships would suck Rory in and get her nose out of her Gogol.

A Southern mystery, Rory would be intrigued by how a life is shaped based on the decisions one makes when they're young. Like wearing a Chico and the Man tshirt to the first day of kindergarten.

Strong, kick ass feminist role models. Christian Amanpour, Madeline Albright... and that chick that played Hilary Clinton for years.

Although Miss Patty maintains that Rory was a ballet talent cut down in her prime, this story will prove to her that hanging up her toe shoes was a good life choice.

A tale of death and rebirth, Life After Life could give Rory an insight into what could've awaited Skippy the Hamster if Lorelai didn't kill him.

Do you think her pinkies touched Nigeria on Hug-a-World?

Rory would've been a strong proponent of the Black Lives Matter movement. And as a cute white girl in small town Connecticut, Coates' insight would be important to her.

There is no way Rory would've been able to resist the first draft of To Kill a Mockingbird. And don't let Boo Radley (Rune) touch the rosebud wallpaper in the potting shed!

As one of the most empathetic characters on television, Rory Gilmore would thoroughly enjoy Jamison's short stories on the study of human nature.

And a few I see Lorelai Victoria Gilmore reading...

Gossip about how craycray Vinny Barbarino and Maverick are. Lorelai could not resist. Neither could I. And now I'm picturing Finn dressed as Vincent Vega.

I haven't read this, but I can see Lorelai and Lane having a book club discussion about this read. And don't forget... Patti Smith was one of the role models Lorelai gave Rory (I'm blubbering, you freaks).

Funny, smart, strong... Mindy Kaling and Lorelai Gilmore are spirit animals.

The pain and exhaustion of tough family dynamics is something The Reigning Lorelai could fully appreciate.

We've come a long way since the days that Lorelai yelled at Emily about not needing a DSL. Felicia Day would teach Lorelai a thing or two about the benefits to lightning fast wifi and an odd outlook on life.

and just one more...

Because... duh.

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