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July 18, 2016

July 18, 2016. That is the last time I wrote something on this blog.

I know a lot of it just has to do with life. Some of it has to do with the fact that I now am a contributing writer for Book Riot and I find that I expend my energy writing for them instead. But way too much of it has to do with shame.

Shame that it's been almost a year since I began The Sound and the Fury, the current book I'm supposed to be reading for this challenge.

Seasons have come and gone. And by "seasons", I mean FOUR NEW EPISODES of Gilmore girls. Something we never thought we'd ever see. They have been rumored, they have been confirmed, they have been shot, they have been edited, they have been released... and it's been two months since THAT.

But my heart still belongs with this blog, with this challenge. Although it may seem insignificant to some, I'm proud that I've gotten as far as I have. This challenge has, thus far, completely changed my reading life. Why would I walk away from something that blesses me in that way?

So... I'm back. If you're happy about that news, thank my husband. Who has spent HOURS guilting me over the fact that my most recent post was last summer. That I read so much, and don't share it with anyone even though I have the outlet. That I let Faulkner be my undoing. I hate that "faulkner"... he doesn't deserve the bragging rights of having brought down The Great Bear Allen.

So... I'm back! Hope you're still here!

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