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An unusual hex sign leads Nancy Drew to Pennsylvania Dutch country in pursuit of a thief who stops at nothing to get rid of her.

Let's set the scene...

Rory returns from her special 3 month anniversary (ahhhh... teenagers) date with Dean minus one hunky boyfriend.  Lorelai, understandably, wants to know what the fuck just happened.

Rory: What happened here is we broke up. He didn’t want to be my boyfriend anymore, end of story.
Lorelai: That is so not end of story.
Rory: Yes it is.
Lorelai: Honey, he did not plan an entire romantic evening complete with dinner and a junkyard, which we’ll get back to later, and then suddenly decide to dump you for no reason.
Rory: How do you know? [as she pulls out a box from her closet.]
Lorelai: Because I have read every Nancy Drew mystery ever written. The one about the Amish country, twice. I know there’s more to the story than what you’re telling me. What are you doing?


My thoughts:

Like I discovered with The Goonies, reading Nancy Drew for the first time as an adult leaves something to be desired.  If I had read these books as a child, there would be a special spot in my heart for the wholesome ambition of Nancy Drew and her faithful assistants George and Bess.  However, as an adult- it just seems cheesy and not all that mysterious.  I'm sure I'd feel the same way if I had read The Babysitters Club for the first time at 32 years old.  But Claudia, Kristy, Mary Anne, Stacey, Dawn and Mallory will always be a special part of my childhood.  Nancy Drew... not so much.


I did, however, enjoy that I got to read this particular Nancy Drew because I'm a big fan of Amish Country.  I go camping in Lancaster, Pennsylvania every year with my in-laws.  It has been a long-standing tradition that I thoroughly look forward to every year.  It's pretty much just an opportunity to eat my weight in pie (of the shoofly and whoopie varieties) and to read as many books as I can get my hands while I overlook some of the most beautiful countryside in the world.  We weren't able to go this year (stupid baby!), so I got to live vicariously through Nancy.



Who do I see reading this in the Stars Hollow gazebo?

Regardless that she may have been the one to mention this book, I also think Lorelai would have regularly escaped into Nancy's world of mystery during her stifling and privileged childhood.  I can see her hiding out in one of the many rooms of the Gilmore estate, away from Emily's prying eyes and Richard's high expectations... just wanting to see what kind of trouble Nancy got into next!

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