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The Creation of a Bookworm

We all have that one book (or series) that opened us up to the amazing worlds available to us through books. Whether it was a story your mother read you as a child, or a book you found on your own as your browsed you high school's library... that moment is different for everyone. But for any true reader, that moment happened. And it changed everything.

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For me, it was The Baby-sitter's Club books by Ann M. Martin. The moment I cracked the spine on Kristy's Great Idea, I was hooked. And I haven't stopped reading since. I know a lot of other women from my generation felt the exact same way about this series. It was fun, had a diverse cast of characters so you always felt like you could relate to the story and each book told it's story from a different baby-sitter's point-of-view. Whether you were fashionable and lacked confidence in your intelligence like Claudia, or shy but secretly harboring big dreams like Mary Anne, every girl in the 90s had a baby-sitter they felt was their kindred spirit. Discussing this with my husband last night, I realized that a few parallels could be drawn from Gilmore girls to The Baby-sitters Club. The Baby-sitters Club was set in a fictional, quaint Connecticut town called Stoneybrook. Mary Anne is reliable, quiet and has a yen ("I have yen coming out my ears") for travel like our beloved Rory. The stories center around a community of girls that support, love and cheer each other on- very similar to the folks of Stars Hollow. Okay, the parallels might be a bit of a stretch... but it still makes me happy! So, now that you know a little bit about what got this Gilmore girl to become a reader, tell me a little bit about your own journey to bookworm-dom. Was it The Hardy Boys (like my husband)? Was it Sweet Valley Twins (or the more risque and controversial, Sweet Valley High)? Was it a children's classic like Where the Wild Things Are or Goodnight Moon (I'm a Happy Birthday Moon fan myself)? I would love to hear what book changed you forever into a Rory.

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