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Jealousy is a natural reaction...

Exactly one week and 6 days from today, I have the heinous task of being sent on a free Mediterranean cruise. It's a hard job, but someone's got to do it. THANK GOD that someone is me! I plan on replacing the normal 80% caffeine that flows through my veins on a daily basis with the minty & lime-y goodness that is mooooojjjjjjiiiiitttttoooo. If you never hear from me again... well, I fell off the side of the ship. Luckily for Husband, I have a lot of life insurance!

giant mojito.jpg

Anyway, with this little vacation from reality, I'm going to allow myself a bit of a vacation from BW&R. I say "a bit" because I plan on reading half BW&R books and half books of my own choosing. I can't even remember the last time I had the whole of Amazon sitting out before me... like a candy store for the eternally nerdy. To help in this venture, Aldeux and I received a very generous Amazon gift card from Mama Bear for mah birday. I plan on spending every cent on something I've been dying to read, but had to relegate to my "Post BW&R Book List" (yes, it exists... and it's getting rather lengthy) in exchange for Shakespeare or Virginia Wolff. There is one book firmly on the list... 11/22/63 by Stephen King. As most of you know, Stephen King is one of my favorite authors ever... so you know it's been torture that I haven't been able to read his latest foray into The Land of Awesome. So... here's where I need your help. As I know you have all been reading something fabulous... let me know what you recommend! What is a must-read that can be enjoyed with a mojito in one hand and Aldeux in the other? Leave a comment with your suggestions! ...And no, we're not going on Costa.

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