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"My mom touched the Pope!"

And by "the Pope", I mean someone Gilmore girls-adjacent. And by "touched", I mean "put a Band-Aid on". Mama Bear works at a hotel in Denver, Colorado (and no, I wont tell you which hotel, you stalker!). She recently informed me that The Shins would be staying at her hotel for a show they have scheduled at Red Rocks. She didn't know who The Shins were, so by the magic of Google, she realized that I might have a slight interest in her hotel's current guests. Who are The Shins?

They are the guys who basically contributed the soundtrack to Paris and Rory's steamy, yet short-lived tryst ("So Says I": season 4, episode 17). They also provide the song Rory was listening to when she was so rudely interrupted by the guidance counselor ("Know Your Onion": season 2, episode 7), under El Hefe's direct orders to socialize the youngest Gilmore. Apparently the bassist got a boo-boo from a piece of luggage, and Mama Bear (as a typical mom) rushed in with her extensive first-aid knowledge (that consists of "here's a Band-Aid") and saved the day. Technically, if you're going to see The Shins at Red Rocks... my mother just saved the concert for you. YOU'RE WELCOME!


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