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Tomorrow... you're only a day away!

My favorite movie of all time, hands down without doubt, is Annie. Released one year after I was born, I was a little bummed to see that they were playing it on TCM today. A movie that was released in 1982 is considered a Turner Classic Movie?! Well, okay... I do have gray hairs and wrinkles... might as well get used to this.


But, in the end the important thing is that they're playing Annie! This movie always makes me so happy. Luckily Husband isn't home... he hates when I quote entire movies from start to end (especially when they're musicals... because then gets serenaded with both dialogue AND songs!). Killjoy! If you've never seen Annie... get off the internet right now and rectify that (and while you do that, I'll sit here and question why we're even friends)! If you HAVE seen Annie, you may or may not know about the awesome connection The Best Movie Ever has with The Best Show Ever. The connection is found in Franklin Delano Roosevelt, our 32nd president.


Look familiar? He's a little older, a little less blond... and wears more bow ties!


That's right! FDR is played by the amazing, incomparable... Edward Herrmann!

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