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Cut the kiss... cue the snow

With Don Quixote, Rocinante, Sancho Panza and Dapple in my rearview mirror... it's onwards and upwards for this Bear and her trusty side-kick, Penny Lane.

My very own squire

And, with the painful completion of Don Quixote comes the completion of this episode. Rory came, Dean kissed, Willy Wonka conquered. Rory is now officially on her way to losing her virginity to a married Dean. Moron. But at this point in time, they're just a sweet and innocent couple. Enjoy it while you can! Now, we move on to Love and War and Snow (season 1, episode 8). In this episode, we are introduced to Lorelai's unique (and sometimes sordid) relationship with snow. Lorelai and Max Medina go on their first (unexpected and cut short) date. Rory and Lane's friendship suffers some growing pains as Rory and Dean become that couple. Oh... and some nerds reenact The Night Nobody Attacked. Here is a clip of one of my favorite scenes from this episode... we learn how Lorelai and Snow formed such an incredible bond. Enjoy!

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