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They humor me so well!

My friend is currently in New York City. She had an errand to run and is now treating herself to a lovely city day... complete with Broadway tickets and amazing cupcakes (I hate her). She just emailed me this as she sits in a bar, awaiting showtime:

I ordered a Manhattan because Lorelai drinks them and I wanted to think of something fun to drink.

And then another friend told me this little story this morning:

So when we saw **** and **** a few weeks ago, we were discussing Rory Gilmore's cameo on Mad Men. And that started a side conversation (brief) about GG. I mentioned to **** that I had a friend who was blogging about reading every literary reference in the show. My husband , without missing a beat, said, "Where does BearAllen have the time to do this?"

I never told him WHO it was doing this. Apparently you've made quite the impression :)

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