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Meet me at the Algonquin?

So, reading The Portable Dorothy Parker has been my first foray into that renowned group of writers, critics and actors who would gather for Old-Fashioneds and the sharing of ascerbic wit at the esteemed hotel located at 59West 44th. And I'll tell ya... I'm newly obsessed. Although it brought me Dottie & Gang, I'm currently cursing the BW&R Challenge because I would LOVE to spend the next few months reading everything I can get my hands on about Parker, Robert Benchley, et al. Alas, that Rory Gilmore is a slave driver... so I will continue this intrepid journey. However, as I slowly savor the awesomesauce that is Dorothy Parker, please to be reading this incredible article a friend recently shared with me. Now I'm not only in love with Dorothy Parker, but in love with Jennifer Wright (contributor to The Gloss and I need another obsession like Ms. Parker needed another suicide attempt.

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