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The Bunheads-Gilmore girls connection

Note: I've decided to keep this as a running list... re-posting the original entry after each new appearance with the latest Gilmore girls-Bunheads connection. Enjoy! If watched Bunheads last night (and I'm not sure what else you could've been doing that would've been more important), you saw the most awesome Gilmore girls cameo yet (well, besides Kelly Bishop... but that's just a given). I actually caught his name in the credits beforehand, so I was bouncing up and down like a moron... just waiting to see how Zack would end up in Paradise! Let's keep a running tally of the Gilmore girls cameos we see on Bunheads. So far we've seen...

Drella/Miss Celine as Michelle's Hooker Neighbor (Alex Borstein)

alex borstein bunheads.png

Emily Gilmore as Fanny Flowers (Kelly Bishop)- duh!

fanny flowers bunheads.jpg

Gypsy as Sam (Rose Abdoo)

rose abdoo bunheads.jpg

Mitchum Huntzberger as Rico (Gregg Henry)

mitchum huntzberger bunheads.png

Joe the Pizza Guy as Sal Russano (Jon Polito)

joe bunheads.jpg

Tom as Bob (Biff Yeager)

tom bunheads.jpg

Zack Van Gerbig as Davis the One-Eyed Plumber (Todd Lowe)

zach bunheads.jpg

Jason "Digger" Stiles as Conor (Chris Eigeman)

digger bunheads.jpg

Kirk Gleason as Bash (Sean Gunn)

kirk bunheads.jpg

Have you guys seen any I may have missed? Keep an eye out for even more Gilmore girls-sightings as the season continues!

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