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No dinosaurs were hurt in the making of this post...

Months ago, a coworker/friend had recommended a particular Michael Crichton novel to me. Sue and I share similar taste in television shows... so I felt pretty confident that I would enjoy anybook she would go out of her way to recommend to me. It promptly went on the "Post BW&R Reading List"... and there it stayed.

In episode 11, Lorelai references Michael Crichton. SCORE! Finally, I can kill two birds with one stone and use the BW&R Challenge to read something on the post reading list. I love efficiency (I'm not efficient... but I appreciate efficiency... as I appreciate people who can play the violin).

So... our next book will be from the same author who gave us such gems as Jurassic Park and (vehicle for the salt & pepper sexiness that is George Clooney) E.R.

[Full disclosure: I read this book on my trip. However, I felt the need to introduce the book to keep some semblance of structure here. Let me have my structure, people!]

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