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"I'm a very sick woman and that should be apparent to anyone."

I might be introducing this next episode well after I've finished both books for that episode. So let's just be upfront and get all this shit posted in rapid succession so we can move on. Our next episode is titled (s1:e13) Concert Interruptus. In this episode, Stars Hollow is throwing a town rummage sale and Casa de Gilmore is the drop off point. Due to Lorelai's discovery of a hideous bedazzled something-or-other, we learn that Luke had a serious girlfriend once-upon-a-time named Rachel. You can tell Lorelai is both intrigued and jealous (YAY)! Sookie scores tickets to see The Bangles in NYC and, after some time spent working on a school project together, Lorelai decides to invite Paris, Louise and Madeline along with them. Of course... Louise and Madeline being Louise and Madeline, take off to chase some randoms through the streets of New York. Lorelai is pissed and little girls learn not to cross this Gilmore. But, in all this, you can see the spark of a friendship kindling between Paris and Rory. Here's a scene from Concert Interruptus for your viewing pleasure:

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