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Looking for a book club to join?

Although I absolutely love Broadway and go as often as I possibly can, I have a friend who is utterly obsessed with all things dealing with The Great White Way. She's always sharing fascinating facts, news about shows and cast and her opinions on what stories deserve a coveted spot in that glorious brother(or sister)hood. She is also a giant Gilmore girls fan and shared with me some excited news coming fromBroadwaySpotted.

BroadwaySpotted's next book club selection is Lauren Graham's Someday, Someday, Maybe. I purchased the book the day it came out (had to help out her sales!) but have not allowed myself to read it until I finish Anna Karenina. However, I'll definitely make an exception for this event!

lg tweet 2.png

Unlike most other book clubs, #bwaybookclub announces a certain number of pages a week that it's participants are responsible for reading. Then each week, go to their site for a discussion of what you read with other Broadway fans. For those people who find themselves too busy to finish books, this is a great alternative. This coming Monday (July 1st), they will begin this selection by announcing how many pages the first "assignment" includes.

Let me know if you plan on joining me on BroadwaySpotted to discuss LG's book!

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