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Smells like teen spirit?

As I'm about 76% of the way through Anna Karenina, I did a little Google search on Leo Tolstoy and instead of being interested in facts about his anarchism or gambling problems... I was obviously more intrigued by this (give me a break- I don't have to be to work today but was still up at 6:30. Stupid baby!):

library candle.jpg

Paddywax offers an array of candles in their Library collection. I'm not sure that I ever realized that Edgar Allan Poe smells like cardamom, absinthe and sandalwood... but I'm willing to accept it!

The Leo Tolstoy is a delicious combination of black plum, persimmon and oakmoss. I was expecting an aroma of morality and social reform. But hey... persimmon totally would've been my second guess.

Go to Paddywax and you too can read some of the great novels as your nostrils fill with the aroma of Oscar Wilde or Jane Austen or Charles Dickens.

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