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Break out the Xanax... again

I still have the library's copy of The Unabridged Journals of Sylvia Plath sitting in my car behind the passenger's seat from when we had to read it for the challenge. Almost every day, Husband asks me if I returned it to the library yet... and every day he gets a sheepish look from me. Then he tells me that The Library Policeman is going to come for me. And then I yell "That's not funny! The Library Policeman butt rapes you if you don't return your book!" And then he gives me a look, indicating that he's clearly won the argument.. Bastard. And here we go again... more Sylvia Plath. I read The Bell Jar in high school, and enjoyed it. Then again, I was a teenager at the time and probably was amazed at how Sylvia Plath just got it. Shocker that Sylvia Plath speaks to self-absorbed, emo-y teenagers who think the world just doesn't understand their pain. Here's a hint kiddos... you're not all that much of a mystery. You're actually a pretty big cliché. That's okay... so was I. There's no shame in it. We all fell into that stereotype. Just look forward to the cringes you'll make when you go back and read old journals from junior year of high school. If you don't want to hate yourself... I suggest just burning those notebooks. There's nothing amazing or life-altering that you'll be losing... I promise.

sabrina the bell jar.jpg

This is all to say that the next book in our challenge is The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath.

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