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Birthday booty!

Yesterday BearAllen celebrated the 33rd anniversary of her arrival onto this big, spinning ball. I got two book-related gifts that I wanted to share with you! A few weeks ago, I saw this mug on a BuzzFeed article and instantly fell in love. I posted on Facebook, trying to see if anyone was willing to buy it for me (Pride. I haz none.) My adorable sister-in-law informed me that the mug was almost my Christmas present but she got my "I like big books and I cannot lie" bag instead (that I'm obsessed with and use daily). So she decided to celebrate the wonder that is moi by getting me this mug! Isn't it incredible?!

banned books mug.jpeg

Then my lovely sister, who knows of my obsession with Butter London nailpolishes sent me a little sumpin'-sumpin'. This is book related because one of the colors she sent me is called "Artful Dodger".

artful dodger.JPG

You know every time I wear it, this scene will continue to play through my head.

goodnight dodger.jpg

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