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A new day, a new name!

It's kind of like when Mick magically turned into Kirk and we were all supposed to just pretend that Mick never happened...

kirk as mick.jpg

You may have noticed a wee little change on my blog today.

hello my name is.png

I am no longer The Black, White & Read Book Challenge. While that name was entirely too very descriptive, it was a total pain-in-the-ass to type out. And I'm sure an even bigger pain-in-the-ass to remember unless it just so happens to be your blog. And even then, it's embarrassing to admit how many times I had to go to my bookmarked blog just to copy & paste my URL because even I couldn't remember it. So, beginning today, Black, White & Read Books can be located at If you don't remember this and you have me bookmarked, you will of course be redirected as needed. But hopefully this name will be a little easier for you to remember... and TO TELL YOUR FRIENDS ABOUT (hint, hint)!

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