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Spending Stephen King's money

On my way into work, I was listening to one of BookRiot's podcasts and came across this story that amused me greatly.

Emily Schultz is an author. Emily Schultz wrote a book titled Joyland.

Stephen King is an author. Stephen King wrote a book titled Joyland.

And that's where things got messy.

Emily Schultz started noticing that she was getting negative reviews on her Amazon listing. Apparently people who don't know how to spell Stephen King were purchasing her ebook, thinking it was the more popular King's recent-ish pulp-ish novel.

But along with those negative reviews, came some positive. Emily started receiving the not-insignificant royalty checks from all the ebooks morons had accidentally purchased. And she decided to make herself some lemonade sweetened by the tears of people too dumb to look at the author's name before hitting "Purchase"!

Emily has created a new tumblr "Spending the Stephen King Money". Documenting each purchase she makes due to her book's mistaken identity, Schultz also discusses whether or not she thinks King himself would appreciate her booty. And as a huge SK fan, you know this is interesting to me.+

Here's one of my favorite posts:

spending sks money 1.png

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