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Would you like some Birthday Mallomars?

In addition to our awesome night where we met Laura Osnes and Rose Abdoo (GYPSY!), I celebrated Shubert Alley Cat's birthday with the following awesome gifts.

I wanted to make sure, as you finish up your last minute holiday shopping, that you are aware that these two Etsy shops exist!

Firstly, the amazing card. Made by the even more amazingly named She Can Lift a Horse on Etsy. Gilmore girls references all over the place!

birthday mallomars.jpg

Buy your own Birthday Mallomars here!

And then it was followed up with kick ass shirt (in green)! Shubert Alley Cat is a trained dancer so she NEEDED to be an honorary student at Miss Patty's! You can find this at Crafts by Casaverde's shop!

birthday tshirt.jpg

Outfit yourself here!

I'm a pretty great friend. ;)

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