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Call the Midwife by Jennifer Worth

I am completely obsessed with PBS' series Call the Midwife. As the new season doesn't start until late March, I was jonesing for some tales from London's East End. And as I had a shiny new Audible credit just sitting there for me to use, I decided to listen to Jennifer Worth's memoir of her time as a midwife with the sisters of St. Raymund Nonnatus.

As any reader knows, it's rare that the movie/show gets the book right. Although I have gotten good at seeing the movie as an entirely separate entity from the book, sometimes you enjoy a show or movie so much that you don't want the book to make you realize just how much is missing in translation. Call the Midwife is a rare instance where the show is such a beautiful and true adaptation of the memoir. Small changes are made, but the spirit of Worth's story is still alive and well in the PBS series. Reading the book has made me love the series even more. March 29th can't get here soon enough! The stories Jennifer Worth tells are heartbreaking, poignant and inspiring. And I've enjoyed this book so much that I spent the full $20 (my next Audible credit doesn't show up for another week, and I just couldn't wait) to download the next book in Worth's series, Shadows of the Workhouse. Review forthcoming!

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