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Little Free Library Kickstarter!

I have never been quiet about my love of the Little Free Library. I get all mushy over the fact that there are so many people out in this world who love books so much, they dedicate a spot outside of their house to lend books to people who might not have easy access to reading material.

The existence of LFLs was originally brought to my attention by the amazing artist that happened to do all of the custom illustrations for this site. Talent + a love of books = someone I listen to!

Little Free Library just launched a Kickstarter to try to get LFLs into "book deserts"... those places across the globes where public libraries and bookstores just don't exist. On top of getting books into the hands of those who would normally not have access, LFLs also create a sense of neighborhood in locations where the idea of community may have been lost in the every day struggle for survival.

How can you help build Little Free Libraries in locations where books are hard to come by? Go to the below link and pledge some of your dollars towards their $50,000 goal.


If they meet their goal by May 22nd, think of how many people in rural and urban neighborhoods will be able to visit one of these bad boys!

Put your dollars towards something that will make such a difference in someone's life! Give the gift of the world that books open to us!

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